Career Link-Up Program

The program is targeted on the potential interns, can be categorized to four major plan: campus ambassador program, long-term internship, management associate program, and successor plan etc.

Campus Ambassador Program

After the internship, our interns become campus ambassador to execute “Sinbon Campus Plan” and host recruitment activities. Completed the program, Sinbon will issue certificate of service.

Long-Term Internship

During the SWIP term, if the intern have perfect performance or present one’s project extraordinarily, the intern will have a chance to transfer their program to long-term Internship.

Management Associate Program

Interns who had excellent performance during the period, displayed high potential, and certified by their supervisor, will have the priority to join the management associate program. After finished the MA program, one could turn into management level.

Successor Plan

Interns who demonstrated high-level decision making abilities, high achievement motivation, forward strategy planning skills, and especially high-integrity, will be the candidate of Sinbon Successor Plan. With complete training, learning Sinbon culture, leadership, and management position knowhow, the successor will be appointed to be a high-level manager.