Innovative Group Project

The interns will build up groups to complete all the tasks and projects during the period. Before the program end, all the groups will need to complete a “Sinbon revolution project”, and will be measured by availability, creativity, and completeness. Once the project is approved, the group will receive abundant rewards and long-term internship opportunities.

Career Coach

Every intern will match a career coach, who will instruct some workplace knowhow no matter what the challenge you encounter or the difficulties you face. Furthermore, if your performance review is outstanding and recognized by the career coach, you will obtain priority of admission for your application after graduated.

Professional Training Courses

After reported to work, the interns will have to take a series of training courses. It will help our interns to adapt themselves to work, and improve not only their soft skills but also professional strength.

Link Up Your Career Experience

Once our interns have extraordinary performance, we will provide more career opportunities, which include campus ambassador program, long-term internship, management associate program, and successor plan etc.

Manager Lectures

During the internship period, SWIP will invite senior managers to conduct speeches, for helping our interns expanding horizons and getting into know Sinbon’s culture.

CEO Appointment

In the SWIP, we will invite CEO to implement a mutual communication with all the interns, providing opportunities to interact with Sinbon’s CEO.