SWIP is the abbreviation of Sinbon WISE Internship Program, providing intern opportunities for either undergraduate or graduate students. Through the program, the interns in Sinbon will not only just support daily operations but also have a chance to share your own expertise.

In SWIP, what does “WISE” mean?

“WISE” represents innovate and smartness of fresh graduates, and that is what Sinbon eager for. In addition to providing future career opportunities (Management Associate Program, Successor Plan, Long-term Intern), our interns will “Win” at the career starting point, be equipped with “Innovative” ideas, be able to be a career “Successor”, and be capable to complete all the tasks “Energetically.” Those are also our WISE goals of this internship program.

When will SWIP be activated?

  SWIP will present in each campus’s career fair, and receive resume simultaneously. Meanwhile, we will host interview between April and June. (The latest information will be updated on our website.)